LagunaB Glassblowers

We spoke with Marcantonio Brandolini d'Adda the President and Creative Director of LagunaB about legacy, the Venetian Lagoon and our latest collaboration 'Nuvole'. 

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LagunaB Glassblowers

Introducing LagunaB

LagunaB is a Venice-based company founded in 1994 by Marie Brandolini. She translated her love of Venice and artistic spirit into a collection of artisanal tableware designs. Marie experimented with colors, motifs and techniques to offer a contemporary interpretation of Murano’s signature “Goto de fornace” drinking glasses.


The headquarters of LagunaB are located in a Gothic-style Venetian palazzo in the Dorsoduro neighborhood and their furnaces are a short boat ride across the Lagoon to their furnaces on Murano Island.

Now headed by her son Marcontonio, and partners Alvise and Tommaso. LagunaB aims to showcase Venice, not only as a beautiful city, but preserving the capital for future generations.

LagunaB Palazzo

LagunaB Office

We had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with LagunaB on a capsule collection, titled “Nuvole” which translates to 'clouds' in Italian.

Not long after we moved to Sydney, Claire and I spent a lot of time travelling to and from Melbourne.

On most flights, I would pass the time cloud watching. I'd marvel over their forms and contrasts against the mountains, filling my phone with reference pics. So I got a little obsessed.. seeing them everywhere - I even found clouds on toilet tissue, taking a square back home to Sydney to scan.

Below, we spoke to Marcantonio about legacy, design and the Vital program.

Clouds Mountains Toiletpaper

I read that you didn't have much interest in glass as a child and only later in your twenties, you course-corrected and took it up, what inspired this decision?

Still, now I don’t find glass a good medium of expression. I admire what glass can bring for the technology and as a craft that connects people as a source of passion making.

What does it mean to you to carry on your mother's legacy and what do you want to make your own?

Today we try to develop the company in a more transversal way by focusing on innovation, communication and on the environment. My mother's legacy always remains in the design of iconic products and in her generous personality, which still inspires us today.


Glass making is integral to Venice and its culture yet a lot of waste is produced in the production of glass. Can you tell us more about your Vital program and the effects it has had so far?

The Vital project has the ambition of offsetting our company CO2 emission, by re-generating salt marshes of the Lagoon ecosystem. More here

When conceiving new projects like the Laguna B x Column A ‘Nuvole’, does most of the design take place on paper or in the forge?

'In the forge of course, because glass is an intuitive material and there you can benefit from a glass master, who always knows better how to improve the designer’s idea.'

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Images by Column A and select photographs provided by LagunaB